Archive | December, 2023

Doctorate Graduation in Leeds

This summer, one year after having passed my PhD viva and becoming Doctor, my academic adventure at the University of Leeds came to an end with my graduation ceremony, where I formally received my MSc in Chemical Engineering and my PhD on the study of Particle Breakage in Agitated Drying Conditions.

The inspiring speeches from the teaching staff during the ceremony highlighted the fundamental values ​​that accompanied my studies, such as knowledge, rigour, and the ability to combine critical thinking and open-mindedness.

It was the opportunity to meet with my former colleagues within the CDT CP3 doctoral training program, my master’s professors and my PhD supervisors at this prestigious university. What a joy to experience this unique moment of my life and celebrate with my family the outcome of 6 years of research, projects, conferences and studies. I thank again all the people and institutions who made this journey possible and who guided me towards the love of excellence and self-realisation.

It was then time for me to enjoy the presence of my family and explore Ireland, a country with a captivating culture and infinite landscapes, the contemplation of which lending itself splendidly to meditation and the writing of my next articles.

Siabh Liag in Donegal, Ireland (Photo: François Hallac, 2023)