PhD Viva Passed and Becoming Doctor

After nearly 4 hours of intense review of my thesis, it is with great joy that I passed my PhD viva on Friday and have become doctor.

Notwithstanding the actual tendency to move all activities online since the pandemic, I couldn’t imagine living this moment and receiving the outcome of so many years of work and dedication through an internet cable. I remember the feeling I had when submitting my thesis in March from my bedroom, and the sudden sensation of silence when the writing stage was formally done.

Having made the travel to Leeds from London, despite of the rail strikes, being present in Leeds and interacting with my examiners in the same room gave me a sensation I couldn’t have felt from distance. The same way being at a concert differs from watching a video, living this special moment physically made me receive from my senses what my mind could only conceive in abstract, and I am grateful to my external examiner for having accepted to travel to Leeds for my viva.

I’m delighted I have been able to celebrate this accomplishment with my former colleagues at the University of Leeds and my friends in the city, living the end of this chapter of life imprinted with nostalgia for my wonderful 5 years there as a PhD student.

I’d like to thank my supervisors and sponsors for their support during my PhD. In this moment, I have my deepest feeling of gratitude for my parents who provided me with an unconditional support throughout my life and always encouraged me to reach my objectives.

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