The Praise of Love, by Plato

Version française de l’article disponible ici. Love, probably one of the most consensual terms of our time, and which has occupied so many thinkers throughout history. A feeling so powerful that it is sufficient to explain the wildest reactions, the craziest attitudes. But is love a unique feeling? Can we compare the love of a […]

Award Winning at National Conference

I’m honoured and proud of having received the award for the best oral presentation at the national ChemEngDayUK conference. I’m delighted of having participated to this 2022 edition at University College of London and presented in the Multi-Scale Engineering category. Having been awarded for best presentation last year at the ChemEngDayUK 2021, I am honoured […]

L’Eloge de l’Amour, par Platon

English version of the article available here. L’amour, probablement l’un termes les plus consensuels de notre temps, et qui a occupé tant de penseurs à l’échelle de l’histoire. Un sentiment si puissant qu’il suffit à expliquer la plus délurée des réactions, la plus folle des attitudes. Mais l’amour est-il un sentiment unique ? Peut-on comparer l’amour […]


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