Award Winning at National Conference

I’m honoured and proud of having received the award for the best oral presentation at the national ChemEngDayUK conference. I’m delighted of having participated to this 2022 edition at University College of London and presented in the Multi-Scale Engineering category.

Having been awarded for best presentation last year at the ChemEngDayUK 2021, I am honoured to have obtained the esteem of the jury for my work for a second consecutive year.

Having submitted my thesis at the end of March, this event was the opportunity to summarise 4.5 years of work and share the outcome of my research with an expert audience.

For the first time since the lockdowns, I was able to give a presentation in front of people. I was excited to meet the scientific community again and talk with people face-to-face. The idea of living this moment of conviviality and sharing the passion for science with my research confrères enchanted my mind and heart.

I’m glad to see that nowadays more institutions make the courageous choice of holding events in person, and I’d like to thank the organisers of this conference for having provided such a stimulating environment.

I’m addressing my special thanks to my supervisors Prof. Andrew Bayly, Prof. Frans Muller and Dr. Claire MacLeod for their wise and thoughtful supervision. I’m grateful for their kindness and help that led to the work I’ve been presenting at the conference.

I’m looking forward to participating to the 2023 edition of the ChemEngDayUK that will be held in Belfast, Ireland.

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